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Meet, Evertrust

At EverTrust, we understand how crucial it is to keep your truck running smoothly. That's why we are dedicated to delivering high-quality aftermarket truck parts, right when you need them.

Our Vision

Our aim is simple yet vital: We want every truck owner to experience minimal downtime. We understand that time is money, especially in the trucking industry. By providing high-quality aftermarket truck parts with fast shipping, we strive to get your truck up and running as quickly as possible. Your efficiency fuels our commitment.

Our Experience

Founded by two dedicated individuals, Dan and Sarah, our story is one of merging industry knowledge with heartfelt customer care.

With over 7 years of experience, Dan brings a wealth of expertise to the table. As the owner of a reputable semi-truck and medium-duty truck dealership, as well as a thriving used parts and mechanic shop, Dan understands the intricate workings of the industry like no other. He knows that every moment a truck sits idle means lost revenue for its owner. With this in mind, Dan is committed to providing swift, reliable solutions to get trucks back on the road where they belong.

On the other hand, Sarah infuses our business with a human touch that sets us apart. Coming from a background in healthcare as a nurse, Sarah knows the value of genuine, compassionate customer service. She understands that behind every truck is a person with deadlines to meet and livelihoods to sustain. With her caring approach, Sarah ensures that each customer receives not only top-notch service but also the respect and attention they deserve.

Together, Dan and Sarah form a dynamic duo, blending industry expertise with empathetic customer care. At Evertrust Parts, we're not just about selling truck parts; we're about building lasting relationships and supporting our customers every step of the way.



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